Divisions of Operations

CENHAWK SERVICES Lifeguard Water Rescue

CENHAWK SERVICES Tactical Fire Rescue

CENHAWK SERVICES Security Enforcement

CENHAWK SERVICES Secured Transit Systems


CENHAWK SERVICES Community Resorts

CENHAWK Studio & LibertyFM Radio


Our Mission

There is no doubt that the world is an ever changing series of chaos, and what was once a simple way of life is no longer simple. However, throughout the many generations mankind has endured there have been two constants. Danger and safety, this is very much true even today with an ever growing danger as well as our ever growing desire for safety.
CENHAWK SERVICES is coming forward to balance out the desire for safety, and greatly reduce the dangers we face. To preserve life, property, and peace of mind.

Our Focus


With the intent of being a service to the communities we operate in, we will make every effort to build our relations with the communities and become a part of the communities. We will get involved with community events and provide the upmost support for the communities in times of need.


We are here to provide services for the easement of the communities, and will stride in providing the highest quality in service that we can.


Safety is our main concern, and in that we will take every measure to ensure the safety of communities and our employees.

Our Qualifications

Lifeguard Certification

Lifeguard certification obtained through the American Lifeguard Association.

Firefighter Certification

Security Certification

Commercial Driver's License

Our Leadership

Director and Chief

Justin Hockey


Assistant. Chief - NA Operations

Nathan Clark


Assistant. Chief - EU Operations

Assistant. Chief - OC Operations

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